2021-2022 School Re-Opening Plan

 2021-2022 Re-Opening Plan

2021-2022 Re-Opening Plan

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General Information

HSA McKinley Park’s Reopening Plan is designed to reopen schools at 100% of student attendance, in person. This is based on the June Proclamation from Dr. Carmen Ayala from the Illinois State Board of Education. In July of 2021, the CDC submitted resources regarding mitigations and community guidance for schools. As we begin the school year, we will use the CDC guidelines, supplemented with the IDPH guidelines where applicable, to determine guidance.

HSA McKinley Park’s Reopening Plan identifies practices and implementation standards aligned with community metrics. These metrics will be reviewed biweekly and, if we shift from one category to another, we will communicate these changes with adequate time to adjust at the building level. Mitigations are defined below and listed in order of priority and effectiveness regarding providing the safest environment for our students, teaching staff, support staff, and administrators who benefit from a consistent, on-site educational setting throughout the duration of the school year.


The CDC is very clear that the safest way to reopen our schools is high levels of vaccination for those on campus and in surrounding communities. We will continue to support ongoing community vaccination efforts while respecting the rights of individuals and families for both privacy and personal choice.


On July 27, 2021, the CDC announced guidance for universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools, regardless of vaccination status. Starting August 2, 2021, HSA McKinley Park will follow that guidance until further notice. Masks are not required if outside and individuals can choose to remove their masks if alone in a space.

Social Distancing:

CDC guidelines have determined that ideal distancing is 3 feet or greater. Additionally, proximity and time of contact should be considered in hallways, common areas, and stairwells.

Testing, Quarantine, and Contact Tracing:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, testing is becoming more accessible and results are immediately available. Testing is an important way to determine if additional precautions, including initiating contact tracing for unvaccinated individuals and quarantining COVID positive, probable, or close contact individuals. Quarantining individuals from the general public creates a safer learning environment for all.

Cleaning Protocol:

It should be noted that the CDC has provided substantially revised guidance related to COVID-19 specific to surface transfer. The guidance points to exposure to COVID-19 based on surface contact is not a cause of spread. However, HSA McKinley Park believes these protocols are worth continued implementation due to the impact we have on controlling the spread of other bacteria and viruses non-related to COVID-19 and we have the equipment and means to do so. Enhanced cleaning protocols will continue including the use of hospital-grade, EPA registered disinfectants for all high touch areas in school and classroom. An increased number of hand sanitizer stations will be available in addition to disinfecting wipes in each classroom.

Physical Spaces:

HSA McKinley Park will follow IDPH guidelines for classrooms and hallways. Classrooms will be designed with physical distancing in mind and accommodate 3 feet of distancing when possible. Students will be issued lockers as in the past. Schools may encourage limited use of lockers to avoid congestion in the hallways. Increased supervision will be in hallways to deter congregating. To aid in contact tracing protocols, teachers will maintain a seating chart for students in case of the need to contract trace. Signage will be posted throughout the buildings regarding hand washing, physical distancing, and facemasks. HSA McKinley Park will follow IDPH guidelines regarding capacity, face masks, and social distancing for lunch spaces, physical education, athletics, and extracurricular activities.

COVID-19 Screenings, Contact Tracing, & Vaccinations


In partnership with ELITE LAB LLC., HSA McKinley Park offers free weekly COVID-19 screening to all students and staff. Screenings will occur on Thursday’s during 3rd period. In addition to weekly PCR screenings, HSA McKinley Park will be provided rapid antigen tests for emergency use in the event a staff member or student displays COVID-19 related symptoms or has been exposed to a confirmed COVID-19 case. Timely identification of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 is critical for minimizing the spread of COVID-19 and lowering the risk of exposure to others. If you would like your student to be screened weekly, please contact the Main Office for a consent form.

Contact Tracing:

HSA McKinley Park continues to work closely with the Chicago Department of Public Health and Illinois Department of Public Health to report all confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases. HSA McKinley Park strictly adheres to the CDC guidelines. 


In response to community and family requests and needs HSA McKinley Park will conduct vaccination events and provide at- home vaccination opportunities to anyone over the age of 12.

COVID-19 Symptoms/Positive Results

Students and staff should self monitor any symptoms for signs of illness each day. Anyone who is not feeling well should stay home. If you are unable to schedule a rapid COVID-19 test you may call the school to schedule an exam that will be conducted at the school, but not inside the building.

HSA McKinley Park will consult the IDPH decision tree when a staff member or student shows symptoms of COVID-19 and/or tests positive for COVID-19. Students unable to return to school due to isolation or quarantine will be contact by HSA McKinley Park and receive instructions on digital learning to be provided by their HSA McKinley Park instructors daily. Technology will be provided upon request to ensure all students have access to digital learning from home.

Mental Health

HSA McKinley Park realizes that the Social-Emotional Support structure of our school has always been strong. However, the impacts of the pandemic have left many of our students and staff struggling as they return to school. The following areas are available and/or enhanced to help prepare our students and staff for a successful return. Resources from the Federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) will support these social-emotional needs.

- HSA McKinley Park has a full time school counselor for students to utilize. Additionally, students with special needs have a specially trained social worker at HSA McKinley Park in addition to their case manager and Executive Director of Special Education.

  • HSA McKinley Park new Advisory Program will pay particular attention to the re-acclimation to onsite learning and supporting the social/emotional needs of all students.
  • HSA McKinley Park will be implementing a student ambassador programs, continuing peer or restorative circles, and support groups.
  • Through the use of federal grant money targeted to respond to the pandemic, HSA McKinley Park will significantly increase after school support programs. Those programs are being designed to support students emotionally and socially as well as responding to learning loss and credit recovery.

  • HSA McKinley Park is onboarding Mastery Manager and Measuring Up, new progress monitoring tools for staff. This tool, with HSA McKinley Park’s MTSS framework will assist in identifying students struggling quickly and allow staff to develop appropriate interventions based upon real time data.
  • As before the pandemic, the role of the school counselor is vital. Students and parents should regularly communicate with the school counselor in order to support students. Support staff and administration should also be leveraged when needed. This is in addition to teachers, advisors, and coaches/sponsors.
  • All staff members will be trained on trauma-informed practices through professional development prior to the 21-22 school year and throughout the year. This training is aimed at providing all staff with the knowledge and tools needed to assist students as the impacts of the pandemic remain.