Before and After Care

Due to the pandemic all before and after care are cancelled until further notice










We will still be providing Aftercare for the upcoming 2020-2021 school year; the payment process has changed! We will no longer offer general “Pay-as-You-Go” pricing. We will only be offering daily packaged deals. This means that if your student is signed in to Aftercare, no matter for how long, it will count as one day of care.

Our check in/ check out system will be electronic this year, meaning you MUST electronically sign your child(ren) out when you pick them up.

Basic Pricing:

Available Enrollment Packages:

Daily AM Rate: $6/day

Daily PM Rate: $14/day (available for up to 30 days, after which you will be charged for a 50 day package)

AM Only Package: $500 (Full Year)

50 Day PM Package: $500 ($10/day)

100 Day PM Package: $900 ($9 day)

140 Day PM Package: $1,120 ($8/day)

Full Year PM Package: $1,300 (≈$7/day)

*Morning Care is included in daily Aftercare packages.

***Non enrolled children can stay but will be charged a fee of $14 per day per child only up to 30 days!!

***Additional children are only half price!