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All-girls “pit crew” win IndyRAGE event!


Horizon Science Academy IndyRAGE Team: Hawks on the Horizon

 (Top row: Terry Long, Dadviel Salas, Quashea Williams, Carlos Perez Middle row: Fernando Ocon, Niseyda Hernandez, Evelyn Munoz, Stephanie Garcia, Luis Ortega, David Gillett, Bottom row: Francisco Mendoza, Alyssa Mejia, Alexis Ortega, Jasmine Martinez, Nicholas Nevarez, Kenan Sahin, Jafet Trejo, Sergio Ortega)


This past weekend FIRST® Robotics Competition team #5125 “Hawks On The Horizon” of Horizon Science Academy – McKinley Park competed at IndyRAGE a national all-girls robotics competition in Indianapolis, Indiana. FIRST® Robotics has many events. IndyRAGE was specifically an all-girls bout.  Competition started out strong, but by the third match, Sir Noodles, the Hawks robot, suffered severe damage.

Sravan Suryadevara, the Lead Mentor for the team stated, “After the first match the base plate which holds the robot together broke in half. The battery compartment then burst leaving its battery unsecured and its bumpers disconnected. The team did an amazing job pulling it all together and turning the robot around in less than 15 minutes to be ready for the next match.”

Hawks on the Horizon eventually were the 2nd pick by the 1st Alliance, and advanced into the playoffs beating the 4th and 2nd alliance to become the winner. (An Alliance is a team comprised of members from 4 different schools who join together to battle at another level.)

Since IndyRAGE was an all-girls robotics event, meaning the drive team must be all girls and the pit crew also all girls, recognition must be given to Jasmine Martinez, Alyssa Mejia, Evelyn Munoz, Alexis Ortega, Stephanie Garcia and Niseyda Hernandez. They were really on top of their game to ensure the robot was performing at a high level.  They needed to constantly innovate to stay effective and successfully lead the team.

indyrage-pits   indyrage-award-ceremony

“In the “pit” it was pretty hectic because after a few matches our robot needed service so the pressure was very high. We could compare it to the NASCAR pit crews.” Alexis Ortega said.  Evelyn Munoz added, “But we all worked together and kept a positive mindset.”  It felt very good to win, because at prior events we weren’t so lucky.  We realized that little details in preparation really paid off.”  Both Alexis and Evelyn agreed that it was an honor to not only represent Hawks on the Horizon at the competition, but to represent their whole school.

The rest of the team was also amazing!  They set a goal to be the loudest team in the arena and successfully met that goal! The team was extremely spirited, chanting for their team members driving, cheering for other teams and even putting in some moves for the Cha-Cha and Macarena. Fair warning, Horizon Science Academy McKinley Park may have a few students who will not have regained their voices by the time they get back to school.


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