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  • Talk to your guidance counselor (or teachers, if you don’t have access to a guidance counselor) about the following:
    • Attending a four-year college or university
    • Establishing your college preparatory classes; your schedule should consist of at least 4 college preparatory classes per year, including:
      • 4 years of English
      • 4 years of math (through Algebra II or trigonometry)
      • 2 years of foreign language
      • 2 years of natural science
      • 2 years of history/social studies
      • 1 year of art
      • 1 year of electives from the above list
    • Enrolling in algebra or geometry classes and a foreign language for both semesters (most colleges have math and foreign language requirements)

    Remember, you will have more options if you start planning now for college and keep your grades up.

  • Create a file of the following documents and notes:
    • Copies of report cards
    • List of awards and honors
    • List of school and community activities in which you are involved, including both paid and volunteer work, and descriptions of what you do
  • Start thinking about the colleges you want to attend