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STEMCON Success!

April 9th on Saturday,  HSA students participated in the 13th Annual STEMCON in Cleveland, Ohio. They participated in three main events and took home awards for ALL THREE!

STEM EXPO Gold Medal Winners

Dante Santacruz and Angel Villareal – Oragami

Indiah Williams and Josielyn Velasco – Where Does the Pathagorean Theorem Come From?

RoboCON Sportsmanship Award

Tariq Mohammad, Sam Munoz, and Natalie Lopez

Finally …. 100% of the students who participated in the CONSEF Project Session recieved an award!

Gold Medal Winners

Luis Ortega – The Autonomous Door

Gilberto Salas – Measuring the Effect of Antacids on Dissolving Rate of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen in Stomach Acid

Jaime Lara – Under Pressure

Maria – Alexis Nunez – It’s Written All Over Your Face

Yavus Cengiz- Does Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Have a Relationship with Exercising?

Thomas Bittings – To Infinity and Beyond

Silver Medal Winners

Brenda Sotelo – Controlling Perception Using Optical Illusions and Targeted Media Exposure

Maria Benitez – Is It Organic? Examining Phosphorus and Nitrogen Levels in Organic Food

Jenny Luciano – Epidermal Somatic Cell Reaction After Overnight Exposure to Cosmetic Chemicals

Ayah Kandah – Strawberry Extraction

Edward Flores – Heat and Electricity

Bronze Medal Winners

Lily Vega – Is There Correlation Between Thrill-seekers and a Love for Scary Movies?

Karen Cardona – Ion Solubility As a Mode of Depressing the Freezing Point of Water

Andrew Reyes – Solar Powered Wheelchair

Esra Cengiz – Which Light Conditions Work Best for Plant Growth?

Emilio Mendoza – Does Particle Size Affect the Rate of Reaction?

Honorable Mention Award

Oscar Nunez – Solid Carbon Dioxide

In addition we had TWO students who a Best in Category Award …

Earth and Space Science: Ivan Cortez – The Optimum Fuel Composition for a High Impulse Rocket

Environmental Science: Gustavo Perez – The Effect of Phosphate on Aquatic Life

But we are not done yet! Ivan Cortez was also selected to qualify for ISWEEP and Genius Olympiad. Both are international science fairs for energy, engineering, and environmental sciences. If he is chosen he could represent our school in Texas or New York!

And finally… HSA McKinley Park took home the Second Place Award for BEST OVERALL SCHOOL in the Senior Division!!!


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