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Science Fair Winners!

On Satruday, HSA sent 13 high school students to compete in the Regional Science Fair.  Our school was competing in the Chicago Area Non-Public schools regional competition.70% of our students received Gold or Silver Awards!In addition, we earned 6 special Awards and have 2 students qualified for the State Competition in May!

Here are the Results for Project Awards:

5 Gold Awards Projects:

Karen Cardona, 10th Grade “Ion Solubility as a Mode of Depressing the Freezing Point of Water”

Jaime Laza, 10th Grade “Under Ppressure”

Gustavo Perez, 10th Grade, “The Effect of Phosphate on Aquatic Life”

Andrew Reyes, 10th Grade, “Solar Powered Wheelchair”

Liliana Vega, 10th Grade, “Is There a Correlation Between Thrill-Seekers and a Love for Scary Movies?”

4 Silver Awards Projects:

Maria Benetiz, 10th Grade, “Is it Organic? Examining Phosphorous and Nitrogen Levels in Organic Food”

Jennifer Luciano, 10th Grade, “Epidermal Somatic Cell Reaction After Overnight Exposure to Cosmetic Chemicals”

Gilberto Salas, 10th Grade, “Measuring the Effect of Antacids on Dissolving Rate of Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen in Stomach Acid”

Brenda Sotelo, 10th Grade, “Controlling Perception Using Optical Illusions and Targeted Media Exposure”

3 Bronze Awards Projects:

Ivan Cortez, 10th Grade, “The Optimum Fuel Composition for a High Impulse Rocket”

Giovanni Ortiz, 9th Grade, “Modeling of Upstream Processes Through Onion Protein Extraction”

Austin Reilly, 9th Grade, “Modeling of Downstream Processes Through Onion Protein Separation and Purification”

1 Honorable Mention:

Carlos Perez, 9th Grade, “Does Speed and Levitation Contribute to Newtons Third Law?”


Special Awards– Certain projects are selected for additional judging by private companies and granted a variety of awards:

1) The American Society of Heating & Refridgeration awarded Andrew Reyes with $100.

2) Concept Schools Awarded Gustavo Perez with $25

3) The Museum of Science and Industry Awarded Jaime Lara with free museum membership for his family for 1 year.

4) The American Nuclear Society Awarded Andrew Reyes with $25.

5) The Museum of Science and Industry awarded Gustavo Perez with free museum membership for his family for 1 year.

6) The Water and Environmental Federation awarded Gustavo Perez with the U.S. Stockholm Water Prize which grants him the invitation to submit an article that could eventaully lead, if he is selected, to an all-expense paid trip to Stockholm to compete in a science competition.

And our 2 State Qualifiers are:

Gustavo Perez and Jaime Lara, these students were selected by the competition to move on to the State Science Fair Competition in May!

We are very proud of all of the hard work put in by our students & their mentors!

Science Fair Winners2016

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