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MathCon Success!

This past Saturday, some of our students participated in MathCon which is an annual math competition hosted by Concept Schools. More than 40 schools and hundreds of students participated. Overall, our students placed 6th as a team which is impressive since there were more than 40 other school participating. The following students from our school competed on Saturday:

Rodriguez, Liliana 5

Puello, Isabella 5
Luna, Cynthia 5
Martinez, Citlalli 5
Valdez, Lizbeth 5
Rodriguez, Julisa 5

Perez, Samantha 6
Sanchez, Anthony 6
Pastrana, Arely 6
Matias, Uriel 6
Pacheco, Taylor 6
Michael Zamudio

Thiam, Mbagnick 7
Nevarez, Nicholas 7
De la Rosa, Israel 7

Andrew Taylor

Reyes, Andrew 8
Lara, Jaime 8
Benitez, Maria 8

The following students earned an honorable mentioned and won a $20 gift card:

Reyes, Andrew
Thiam, Mbagnick
Michael Zamudio.