DSC_0413 (Mobile)HSA McKinley Park Fact Sheet

  1. Opened in 2013, serving grades K-8
  2. Currently serving grades K-10 and will continue to add a grade every year.
  3. Currently we have 625 students attending
  4. Located at 2245 W. Pershing, Chicago, IL 60609
  5. Max Class Size 27
  6. 186 School Days in the School Year
  7. Managed by a Board of Trustees



1- 90 % or above in Math and English in standardized tests
2- 95 % student retention, attendance, and promotion rate
3- Establish an effective character education program embedded in the curriculum
4- High staff retention rate
5- Excellent parent and student satisfaction
6- Provide engaging, diverse, and effective extracurricular activities
7- Productive community involvement

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